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Data Backup & Cloud Computing

Losing your data could be devastating

Imagine how unhappy it would make you if you suddenly discovered that all your family vacation photos and memories from over the years were lost with no chance of recovery.

How can you lose your files forever?

Did you know that power surges are the most common cause of data loss, second only to human error?

Your computer could be giving warnings of an impending crash and you could miss it. The result would be the irretrievable loss of all your important files, photos, and music. That’s why we recommend our data backup and cloud storage service.

Why do you need data backup and cloud computing services?

Our data backup and data storage services are highly recommended as a cheap way to preserve all your files and documents without buying any additional hardware or storage devices. Through the use of several data backup services, we will setup a seamless system on your home computer and devices so that all your files and important data are stored in the cloud instead of local storage.

How does data backup and cloud computing benefit you?

  • Pricing – Storing a lifetime of important data is never cheap, with external hard drives costing hundreds to thousands of dollars in some cases. Online storage services like Mozy Pro cost a fraction of that and offer cloud storage space for all your files for a low subscription fee.
  • Security – Online storage services are safe and secure with strong layers of encryption to ensure that you have access to your data anytime you need it.
  • Syncing – All your files are automatically updated to the cloud from all your devices, allowing you easy access to your data from anywhere at all times.
  • Collaboration – Using cloud computing applications alongside data backup makes it easy for you to work from home and have other people edit your files or documents without you being present. Because the latest version is always updated, you’ll spend less time coordinating files and more time actually being productive.

Let’s get you set up today

Village Computer Center is a great choice for data backup and cloud computing solutions in New Jersey. We’ll recommend the best backup solution for you and set it up with little downtime. Call us at 908-630-0505 or email us at info@villagecom.com today!