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Dear Chris & Scott:

I want to thank you both for the excellent service you gave me today.  I purchased my HP printer from Village Computer last week and had difficulty in setting it up which is why I walked in announced this afternoon.  Chris immediately interrupted his work and focused on my problem.  Chris then asked Scott to help.  Scott also dropped what he was doing and came out and worked steadily on this printer until the problem was resolved.  I left with my printer working and there was no charge for your professional help.  Where else would there be service like that?

If I had purchased this in a big box store I’m certain that I would have stood in line, then been asked questions and required to have documentation.  I would have had to leave the printer for who knows how many days until it was repaired.

Because of the people who work at Village Computer, problems are solved promptly, and professionally.  I am very happy with my new HP printer.