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Network Printing

Network Printing

Our technicians at Village Computer Center understand the importance of being able to print documents when needed. If your office has several workstations though, setting up a central printer for network printing can be a more effective option than buying several units.

Increase productivity with network printing

Network printing makes printing from multiple computers cost-efficient, more productive, and more convenient than ever before. Village Computer can help create a custom system in your workplace by configuring your network copier or printer to serve people more effectively than before. Once hooked up, this solution allows all authorized workstations in your office to print safely and efficiently.

Because of our years of experience and relationships in the industry, we can also recommend and install the most ideal solution for your business. If we do not have the network printer model that you want in stock, we can easily order and ship it within a couple of days and have it ready to go in no time.

Why you should have network printing:

  • Space saving – You can use a small number of network printers to service a large number of computers instead of having a printer by each desk.
  • Printer optimization – Your staff can then choose which printer they need for specific tasks instead of wasting ink and paper by, for example, printing black and white documents with color inkjet printers because it’s closer to them.
  • Easy access – Shared printers can be easily accessed by everyone on the network which increases productivity.
  • Better security – Network printers have advanced features that can log printing jobs for security purposes, especially for companies where customer confidentiality is a focus.
  • Management – Network printers are easier to manage because they can alert the administrator whenever they need to be serviced with new ink, paper, or repair.

Let us help your business!

Village Computer can help you create and maintain an efficient network printing solution for your business by providing, installing, and maintaining your system for you. Call us at 908-630-0505 or email info@villagecom.com today!