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Village Computer Center provides  repairs and upgrades for all types of computers, printers, and network devices. Because we stock an extensive inventory of parts and possess a team of experienced technicians, we can have your repair done as quickly as possible to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly with minimal downtime.

We Go Beyond Computer Repair

Your computer can act strangely due to faulty components, outdated hardware, or software issues that can slow down its operation. This could also be due to malware, virus infection, or outdated software using up too many resources. Our technicians are masters of all types of devices no matter the manufacturer. Our technicians will carry out comprehensive diagnostics to identify the root cause of the problem and implement solutions that will help your business run at its best.


Have you ever felt your computer isn’t working right? We can help you with software installations and re-installations, internet connectivity issues, printers not connecting, and other hardware problems. We also help with data recovery, workstation optimization, and repair of network and peripheral devices.

System Transfers and Migrations

If your systems are sluggish, sometimes repairs and component upgrades will not suffice. Our technicians can assist you in transferring your data from your slow computer to a new one. We can supply you with replacement computers or work with your current build to help ensure everything is transferred completely.

Custom PC Builds

If your business has specific hardware requirements, we can build you a custom PC using brand name components that can meet the demands of your daily needs. You’ll find that our custom builds possess a higher standard of quality than typical off-the-shelf computers. In the past we’ve built units for:

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Virtual Reality / Gaming
  • File / Application sharing

On-Site and Remote Repair Services

Our technicians can be at your office in a timely manner to provide computer repairs and technical support whenever you need it. You can also call our support desk for someone to walk you through the remote repair steps where possible.

Call or email us today for our computer repair services covering the state of New Jersey.