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Computer Sales

Village Computer Center offers sales of personal computers, computer accessories, and products in Bernardsville, NJ for individuals and businesses. Whether you need a computer for personal use, school work, gaming, or a workstation for your business, we’re your best option in New Jersey. We also help with setting up your new computer so you can get started right away.

Why use Village Computer Center?

At Village Computer, we offer a variety of devices for sale, ranging from Windows PC, Mac, tablets, and smartphones. We sell these devices from different brands and specifications depending on your budget and needs. We offer the best computer products on the market! We also help you install and configure software on your new computer, like security tools, applications, and productivity software.

Below is a list of our sales inventory including, but not limited to:

  • Desktop computers, laptops, and notebooks fully customized for you with essential software / applications. Our computers come in a wide range to fit your budget and needs.
  • Replacement parts, including hard drives, CPUs, motherboards, RAM, keyboards, graphics cards, mice, and more.
  • Printers and printer related products (paper and ink).
  • Connectors, cables, and other accessories for a variety of devices.
  • Wired and wireless networking products.

Flexible Hands-On Service

Whether it’s for a computer purchase, installation, repair, or upgrade, our technicians are available to travel down to your location and help you with whatever you need on-site. You can visit us at our location in Bernardsville, New Jersey or you can call us at 908-630-0505 for remote desktop support.