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Wired & Wireless Networking

Wired and wireless networks are important for every home because you need to have all your devices connected in the most convenient way possible. This can be done via a wired or wireless connection. Each one has its own merits and demerits and we at Village Computer Center will help you choose the best solution for you.

Benefits of Having A Home Network

  • File Management – You can access all your documents and drives across different devices. A home network makes it easy for you to switch between computers at home.
  • Media streaming – If you love watching movies, you don’t have to go without your favorite show because someone else is using the computer. Media streaming via your home network is a compelling reason to get one today.
  • Peripheral sharing – Having a home network enables the sharing of peripherals like printers, scanners, and other tools.

Wired Network

Unlike a wireless network, you don’t have to worry about a spotty connection
due to limited range or signal strength. Wired connections are always on and allow for a consistent, fast connection. Our qualified technicians can set everything up for you; making sure that your home network runs smoothly.

Our in-home wired network setup service includes:

  • Installation of routers and network configuration.
  • Setup of computers for home file sharing, device sharing and internet access.
  • Configuration of printers, scanners, and other devices to work with all your devices.
  • General troubleshooting and advice on how to get the best from your home network.

Wireless Network

Setting up a wireless network in your home removes all the wires and the immobility that comes with wired networks. A well-configured wireless solution will ensure that all your computers, tablets, mobile phones, and printers are all connected together.

We help you carry out the following wireless network services:

  • Configuring and securing a router with strong passwords.
  • Creating secure networks with high-level encryption.
  • Connection of peripheral devices to the network for sharing such as printers and scanners.
  • Installation of network cards and wireless connections on new computers and devices.

We can recommend the best router and network equipment for your home devices as well as ensuring that the configurations are done with your hardware optimization in mind. We also help with patch cable management by keeping your wiring discrete and out of the way.

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